We offer fishing opportunities in the quarry – pike, carp, line, perch. Drinks and snacks are available on site.

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Our pride!

We are proud of our own Stores. We have let in about 3 tons of Stora in two ponds.
The ponds in the nursery are artificially created. The fish are provided with an aeration system throughout the year.
Feeding takes place automatically with food specially recommended for Stores. Stores offer to enjoy a variety of dishes on our restaurant menu. The exquisite delicacy will not disappoint you.
Enjoy your meal!

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Currently, sturgeons come from farms because wild sturgeon stocks are threatened. Store is one of the world’s oldest fish, it was found on the planet 250 million years ago. There are more than 20 species of sturgeon around the world. In ancient times, sturgeons could be easily caught in almost every river as they spawned upstream, as the fish were large, well visible in the water, and floated relatively slowly. At first, people did not appreciate the sturgeon eggs and caught them for meat, so they threw the sturgeon females back into the water, but kept the males, whose meat was considered more valuable. The most historically famous region in the world with its storms is the Caspian coast, which was mostly inhabited by Slavs, Muslims and Jews. Muslims and Jews were not allowed to eat sturgeon because fish without scales were, in their view, an impure product. However, the Slavs had no objection. For example, the literature states that Cossacks who served in the tsarist border guard were granted the exclusive right to fish for sturgeon in the Ural River during their migration. They even made sure that sturgeon stocks did not run out and only started fishing when the Ataman discovered the season in mid-September. Sturgeons of various species were caught in Russia, Germany, France and elsewhere. In the Middle Ages, the kings of England, Denmark and Spain had promulgated a law that all sturgeon caught belonged to the crown. They were also highly valued by the Mongol conquerors, who demanded part of the toll from the subordinated territories in sturgeon.
In Latvian aquaculture, sturgeon is the most common fish species in recirculation-type farms. They are successfully grown in continuous growing systems and also in ponds. In recent years, interest in these fish has grown and a number of new aquaculture farms have been built and are being built to specialize in sturgeon farming.
Sturgeon includes more than 20 species, the best known being sturgeon, sterlet and beluga. Stores and related otters, whose fossils date back about 200 million years, are considered to be one of the oldest cartilaginous fish. Their way of life and size have allowed them to remain virtually unchanged and to this day. However, the high value of these fish has been one of the reasons for the rapid decline of their natural populations
From an industrial point of view, these fish are extremely valuable, their meat is high-quality and tasty. Sturgeon produces caviar, which is one of the most expensive fish products, as well as high-quality gelatin and back chords, which are used in food as a separate dish. Due to their taste properties, sturgeon products have historically gained great recognition and demand in the traditional cuisine of many nations and are called an exquisite delicacy.

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