Accommodation Terms and Conditions

Accommodation Terms and Conditions

Resort “Grantiņi” rules of accommodation

  1. Check-in time from 15:00 – 20:00. Check-out time until 12:00;
  2. If the reservation of accommodation is made through our home page or by contacting us, the advance payment of 100% should be made;
  3. The advance payment is not refunded if reservation is cancelled. If reservation is cancelled at least one week before the day of arrival, the advance payment is still valid and another reservation date is offered;
  4. If the client has an discount, it should be registered or presented before making the payment;
  5. If the stay exceeds 5 nights, a 15% discount shall be applied for each consecutive night. The discounts do not sum up with the other discounts;
  6. After 12:00 an extra fee of 20,00 Eur/h is charged. After 18:00 a full amount is charged for accommodation. The loyalty discount for each consecutive h shall not be applied;
  7. If the client wishes to extend his/her overnight rest, he/she should contact administration for availability;
  8. If the guest chooses to check out before the scheduled date, then the money for unused nights shall not refunded;
  9. Accommodation is rented only to persons who have reached the age of 18 years. Payments can only be made by persons of the age of 18. Minors should be supervised by parents or guardians.
  10. If reservation is made through or, familiarize yourselves carefully with the payment procedure, pricing policy and other aspects related to payments or refunds in case you fail to appear. The loyalty discounts as well as other discounts are not offered on both webpages.
  11. The guest is obliged to inform the employee of administration about the check-out time;
  12. Only registered persons may stay at night, not exceeding the allowable bed spaces;
  13. Unregistered guests may only visit the guest house. Extra charge for each person is 2,00 Eur and 2,00 Eur for each car. Maximum up to 10 persons. ^Guests may stay until 21:00. Guests shall be registered;
  14. Hotel and camping house visitors should keep the rooms for common use tidy;
  15. It is prohibited to place sauna, tubs and other relaxing extras without permission and approval;
  16. To request extra beds, blankets, pillows and bed linen until the day of arrival;
  17. The guest shall pay a penalty fee of 30,00 Eur in case of lost key;
  18. Smoking in rooms is strictly prohibited. A penalty fee of 10,00 Eur shall be charged for failure to comply with this rule.
  19. The guest undertakes to observe the peace of night after 23:00;
  20. To throw away trash at designated places;
  21. Pets can only be allowed in camping or holiday houses. Extra charge for a pet is 10,00 Eur. Pet waste should be collected. Pets should be kept on leash. Full responsibility should be assumed if furniture and other items belonging to SIA ‘’GrantiniCamp’’ are damaged;
  22. It is prohibited to make noise, play loud music or disturb the peace of other guests with inadequate behavior in any other way. Personnel may request the guest to leave the recreation area or decide to call the police. Please respect your neighbors!
  23. If you have questions about electrical appliances, please ask the personnel for details upon arrival;
  24. It is prohibited to use fire extinguishers and fire blankets without necessity. Guests will be held accountable for such action;
  25. If the first aid kit is needed, please apply to the employee of administration;
  26. Prevent the outbreak of fire or any actions that could lead to fire (smoking indoors, use/leave open fire in rooms, burning candles or using faulty electrical appliances etc.). It is prohibited to light a grill on terrace, as well as to smoke;
  27. You should OBLIGAORY call 112 in case of fire. As well as notify the responsible person on phone number: +371 25713333
  28. Handle carefully the furniture, inventory, equipment, electrical appliances and other items located in rooms;
  29. To assume full material liability for damage of SIA inventory occurring due to the fault and/or negligence of the Client or third persons depending on him/her (including animals), to observe the fire safety requirements, rules of internal order and territory regulations. If there is any damage to SIA inventory, to reimburse the losses within 3 (three) working days upon drawing up the damage report and issuance of invoice to the Client by SIA.

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