Weddings are one of the most beautiful celebrations that we plan and dream especially carefully.

Everything to make your most beautiful day memorable with brightness, love and smile!


  • Bright and spacious rooms overlooking the beautiful landscape;
  • Banquet facilities for up to 60 people;
  • Wedding ceremony outdoors or on the terrace;
  • Snacks, before or after the ceremony, at any place of your choice;
  • Festive arch decorations indoors or outdoors;
    Snack food;
  • Accommodation for up to 50 people
  • The second day of the party with a sauna, hot tub and soup on the fire
  • A children’s playground is available for the youngest guests;

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Celebrate the holidays without worrying about cooking or serving guests.
Leave the worries to us!

We offer to celebrate birthdays or wedding anniversaries in cafe Grantini.
Richly laid table with delicious dishes and beautiful decorations - everything for you to celebrate your special day.

We offer:

  • Banquet facilities for up to 60 people;
  • Dinner on the terrace or by the fireplace;
  • A menu specially designed for you;
  • Table and room decoration.

Kids party

Kids party

We are waiting for any age children to visit us, there will be enough space for everyone!

A children’s playground with a swing, slide and carousel will appeal to the little ones. Older children will enjoy the trampoline, water activities and sports fields. A specially prepared menu will not only delight the eyes, but also pamper the stomach.

For children's parties we offer:

  • Spacious restaurant space with outdoor terrace;
  • Pergola;
  • Playgrounds, sports fields, trampolines and water activities;
  • Wide area for various games and attractions;
  • Catering services;
  • Table decorations;
  • Animators and event managers.

Romantic evening

Romantic evening

In a romantic mood, we invite you to enjoy an unusual evening with your other half!

Everything to make your most beautiful day memorable with brightness, love and smile!

Romantic dinner

Surrounded by a quiet forest, you will enjoy a fabulous 4-course dinner. Enjoy your evening leisurely – overlooking the wonderful countryside and tasting a fine wine bouquet! After your meal you can go for a leisurely stroll.

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Romantic Diner Menu

Pepper melon tartar with prosciutto meat and fresh cheese.

Fresh fresh salad with goat cheese and orange fillet.
Tomato cream soup with horseradish foam and basil pesto.

Oven-cooked salmon fillet served with spinach and blue cheese.
grilled chicken breast served With herds-fried potatoes and carrot cheese with chicken.

Marinous chicken or marinated pork medicine.

Homemade chocolate biscuit with amaretto cream and fresh berries.
Vanilla panna cotta with grilled pineapple pieces.

Price for two persons – 60.00€

Date on boat

Date on boat

Your dream night!

Everything to make your ideal evening memorable!

Date on boat

A unique type of dating is waiting for you in the gravel – a trip on a dating boat. The offer includes: a beautifully decorated boat in a cozy atmosphere with pillows, rugs, lanterns and a chain of light, a picnic basket with snacks and salads, as well as a bottle of sparkling wine and a bouquet of flowers.

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  • Price for two persons 55.00€

Romantic Diner Menu

Snacks: (Please choose 4 types)
Volovans with herbal cream;
Dough boat with spicy cream and marinated mussels;
Dough basket with shrimp filling;
Basket with salmon, processed cheese salads and capers;
Rye bread toast with prosciutto and grilled peppers;
Salmon tartare with white bread toast;
Dor Blue cream cheese with walnuts and rye bread;
Chicken liver pate with onion marmalade;
Dough baskets with cheese filling;
Potato pancake with mushroom cream and dried tomatoes;
Fried mussels with parmesan cheese and greens.

Sweet snacks: (Please choose 2 types)
Lemon cream with wild berries;
Basket with lime-vanilla cream;
Basket with caramel sauce;
White chocolate cream with wild berry sauce;
Mini cheesecake.

Salad: (Please select 2 types)
Greek salad;
Chicken salad with pickled mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and yogurt sauce;
Fresh arugula salad with goat cheese served with herb sauce;
Fresh leaf salad with mozzarella cheese, pine nuts and basil sauce;
Caesar salad with chicken or bacon;
Grilled chicken fillet salad with vegetables;
Layered pear-beet salad with walnuts served with shallot sauce;
Tuna salad with quail eggs;
Pasta salad with smoked pork and green peas;
Fresh leaf salad with meat, parmesan cheese and pomegranates.
Also included: Decorated boat, water or mors, bottle of sparkling wine or bottle of wine, (white / red wine) bouquet of flowers.

Price for two persons – 55.00€



Recreation complex "Grantiņi" offers full-service outing banquets.

We provide table setting with our dishes, cutlery, tablecloths, candles and other decorations.

Our professional team will realize all your wishes, creating a special offer and menu, adapting exactly to your requirements and needs.

Contact us:

  • Party,
  • Festive banquets,
  • Wedding meals,
  • Thematic balls,
  • Birthdays and other celebrations,
  • Sports Games,
  • Coffee breaks,
  • Picnics,
  • Corporate events,
  • Funeral meals.



Late breakfast our early lunch - whoever likes better.

This is one of the most popular holiday mornings in the restaurant of our recreation complex.

Table reservation:

It is a great opportunity to spend a day with your loved ones for no particular reason. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy a great meal and go for a walk in the fresh air. Dishes for all tastes. Rich buffet with hot dishes, salads, meat and fish dishes, snacks and delicious desserts. The offer includes lemon water, morse, coffee and tea. Welcome drink!
Children’s have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, play with toys or draw in a separate corner.


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